And In Vengeance We Strike

by Lead The Way

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Stephen Priest
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Stephen Priest Classic punk rock. Thats all you need to know. Buy it! Favorite track: If It's Fixed.
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Record Label: Not Shy Of The DIY Records


released January 24, 2011

All music and lyrics by Lead The Way
Recorded at Pro Two Studios, Castleford



all rights reserved


Lead The Way UK

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Track Name: If It's Fixed
I refuse to read between the lines anymore
Your fucking bullshit's plain to see
And I'm still amazed
At just how many sit, stare, believe and get wilfully fucked in the arse
No need to stand up, no need to face up
Just keep my head down, behave myself
And I'll let convention do my thinking for me

Do we lead, do we follow?
Do we want truth, or are we more comfortable with lies?
I will not concede myself to be a whore, and i will never be your pawn
Just watch these rats as they run for their lives when they're told they must
There's nothing chasing
What are you running from
Track Name: Same As The Old Boss
Here we go again
I'm sure they're crying in their brandy glasses
About the state of democracy
I'm pissing in the wind
I think i'm living in a fascist state
Where the corrupt and the racist is king
It's a two party system
Where the only words of wisdom are;
'Go on son - throw away your vote'
Can't vote for who I want
It only aids the worst of two evils
They've got us by the throat
Meet the new boss - same as the old boss
He's gonna turn this country around
He's gonna make your life so easy
Gonna make you feel so safe
But when he gets his foot in the door;
He's gonna make you wish you'd never been born
I still have faith
That the people of this country still have
An ounce of reason and fight left in them
To stem the flow of paranoia and hate
That they can unify to save true democracy
Track Name: Is This Who We Are?
Just one second of stand off - Hands up, on the floor
Poisoned minds and weary hearts are giving ground again
All these centuries down the line
The sword's still mightier than the pen
So he who wields the sword, thus controls the world
And puts the fear of God into our souls
Is this who we are?
Can we, will we amount to anything more than one echo,
Through the silence that penetrates our souls?
When will we reach that wall?
That point where we decide enough is enough
We won't take anymore
Breaches of trust - hope turned to dust
This state of perpetual angst and hate
It's time to open your eyes
Don't listen to their bullshit lies
You're not as free as they tell you
Be something more
Stand up and say no
Track Name: Headlines
The bulletins arrive from the front
Every hour on the hour
The latest crusade is a noble one it seems
I don't remember how it started
I don't remember why
It's just a game we play
With national pride at stake
Us versus them
Listen, be good, lay down, shut up;
This is the news at ten and these are the headlines
This bedtime story will lull you to sleep
Til you wake up with nightmares
Indoctrinated into this culture of fear
But what's keeping you here?
Soothed into a state of ignorant bliss
By the non-stop drone of corporate lull-a-bys
We eat, we drink, we hear, we see
Under the pretense of being free
We're held for ransom
This system won't just fade away
It won't just relinquish control one day
Unless we fight for change
Track Name: Hands That Built The Nation
Forgotten in your laps of luxury
Remembered in your struggle
Youth taken away,
Dissolved by the labour that kicks the will to live clean out of me
With these foundations we embark on a new era of hate, lies and struggle
A promise from the ivory gates will be honoured in your nightmares
The hands that built he nation betrayed by the children they toiled to save
Are we so afraid to be part of a minority?
The scratch in the record?
Even when it plays the soundtrack to our demise
We all have a voice
For our culture, right to live without fear, we aim to save
Democracy will have you choose the rock or the hard place
But we can disarm, down the shackles and turn our backs
Refuse to shake their blood stained hands
Track Name: A Chance To Redeem
Born, dragged kicking and screaming
Into a world in a downward spiral
Money makes the world go around
But money will bring it choking, grinding to a halt
As another man-made, imminent disaster lies dashed upon the rocks
Bleeding diseased blood, suffocating fragile life
Once again I ask myself why
In our modern government
Everyone has corporate ties
Are you so naive that you still believe
They've always got your best interests at heart?
Kyoto - a chance to redeem at the world's feet
Refused - rendered pointless and obsolete
And when another poison fog descends
Too late to ask the question;
What can we do to make this world a better place?
Track Name: Born To Bear Their Burden
You say this time is far too easy
Leftover handouts to keep the peace
And now it's too late for any apologies
But now our hands are burned, slowly worked to the bone
Sifting through the ashes of the bridges you have burned
And now we recognise the face of our own enemy
We've seen through the rhetoric and lies
But somehow blinded by their dazzling display of contempt
We simply get on with our lives
This time, our time,
Born to bear their burden
With years gone by
The shadow's cast over our lives
Forgive, forget, for giving us scars that can never heal
The blood, the sweat, the tears we shed for you are all too real
I can see through the idiotic delusion you fell for
Expanding wealth, they're crushing the insignificant
Well fuck you, take back your one visioned view
I can see through it
This is our time and we'll embrace
Track Name: Holy Shit
He's a better man than me, he's seen the light
Now he's another reason
He's another reason why I can't sleep at night
I'm worried for the safety of mankind
As he, like so many other bastards before him
Will stand in the way of progress
In the name of tradition
Fuck your God
He's nothing but a false idol to keep us in line
Waste your life
Waiting for something worth dying for at the end of your time
Whatever name you give Him, whatever guise He takes
He's still the same despotic leader
Who keeps his followers on their knees
Just one of the faithful, one of the flock
Compliant to the point of ignorance, stupidity
Arrogant the path is righteous, the way, the light
You'll swallow biblical proportions of holy shit
Ancient folklore read to our children and our parents before
Serves as a warning, stick to the path
There's something waiting in the woods
Have we learned nothing from the years of bloodshed?
Times of turmoil, days of rage
Stop believing fairy-tales
Act your age
Track Name: Broken
This situation, this time was only ever made to be broken
Just like the rules that push me further from the truth
That it's just fools gold for the poor man
Quit chasing dreams that were never meant to be yours
We can be smashed
We can be broken
Held down by the fears we hold in our hearts
The sweat and the tears extinguish the fears
And rise back up
With closed eyes it's hard to stay focused
We watch the days roll by
Without addressing mistakes, ill-fated on our own hands
It's time for the questions that for so long we thought we'd answered
So much for this special place
Wake up to one collective gaze
It's time
Track Name: Near The Harbours
Listen to the sound of every broken heart beat 
Does it make you proud to know you heard it in defeat?
We've gone against our instinct
Which is to create human life
And save the future of humanity
Diversity is now headed for the grave
Long before it's time 
With eyes clouded with anger
They march the moral plain
To wrench the strings of 'patriot' hearts
Convince you your stand is just
Near the harbours, and in two cities
Will be two scourges, the likes of which have never been seen
Famine, plague within
People cast out by the sword will cry for help to the great god immortal
There's your superpower
There's your pillar of world peace
There are a thousand reasons why
Their words of good intention, you should never believe
Track Name: Hiding Behind The Flag
Safe in your own little world
Insular, you hear nothing from the outside
I would yell at the top of my voice until i'm blue in the face
But I know you'll never listen to me
I'm just a fucking pleb with nothing sensible to say 
So lets sit back, relax, and watch another fat cat die of obesity
They don't give a fuck what you think of them
They never will
As long as their pockets are lined
Before the making of the man
Was a clear-cut, simple plan
To protect the people, do what's right by them
But now the plan's been tried
The ideal has quietly died
And been passed to power-hungry, hateful men
What's the point in protest if millions can take to the streets to be ignored?
Why do we bother to resist?
To highlight how big a joke this democracy is?
Hiding behind their flags they conceal their yellow skin
And the bullying won't stop until the world turns good ole red, white and blue.
Track Name: And In Vengeance We Strike
A new day dawns on a shattered landscape; the dust settles and the smoke begins to clear
And through the ashes walks a suited figure, in his hand he holds the rights for rebuilding
It's his modern-day banner of war
The bravest of the brave cannot compare to the march of progress
Who'll be left standing when they're done demanding their cut of the spoils of war
The iron fist won't loosen its grip until the imperial dream is realised
'We came, we saw, we conquered' - the mantra of the righteous
Over the stench of the war that came here hangs the smell of greed and the sound of bulldozers
And with all hope now so far from reach, are we so proud of what's achieved?
It seems that our means never justify the end
Slack-jawed, dumb-struck, millions fearing they're denied the truth
With this there's no choice, shift their focus and in vengeance we strike.