And In Vengeance We Strike

from by Lead The Way



A new day dawns on a shattered landscape; the dust settles and the smoke begins to clear
And through the ashes walks a suited figure, in his hand he holds the rights for rebuilding
It's his modern-day banner of war
The bravest of the brave cannot compare to the march of progress
Who'll be left standing when they're done demanding their cut of the spoils of war
The iron fist won't loosen its grip until the imperial dream is realised
'We came, we saw, we conquered' - the mantra of the righteous
Over the stench of the war that came here hangs the smell of greed and the sound of bulldozers
And with all hope now so far from reach, are we so proud of what's achieved?
It seems that our means never justify the end
Slack-jawed, dumb-struck, millions fearing they're denied the truth
With this there's no choice, shift their focus and in vengeance we strike.


from And In Vengeance We Strike, released January 24, 2011



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