Hands That Built The Nation

from by Lead The Way



Forgotten in your laps of luxury
Remembered in your struggle
Youth taken away,
Dissolved by the labour that kicks the will to live clean out of me
With these foundations we embark on a new era of hate, lies and struggle
A promise from the ivory gates will be honoured in your nightmares
The hands that built he nation betrayed by the children they toiled to save
Are we so afraid to be part of a minority?
The scratch in the record?
Even when it plays the soundtrack to our demise
We all have a voice
For our culture, right to live without fear, we aim to save
Democracy will have you choose the rock or the hard place
But we can disarm, down the shackles and turn our backs
Refuse to shake their blood stained hands


from And In Vengeance We Strike, released January 24, 2011



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