The bulletins arrive from the front
Every hour on the hour
The latest crusade is a noble one it seems
I don't remember how it started
I don't remember why
It's just a game we play
With national pride at stake
Us versus them
Listen, be good, lay down, shut up;
This is the news at ten and these are the headlines
This bedtime story will lull you to sleep
Til you wake up with nightmares
Indoctrinated into this culture of fear
But what's keeping you here?
Soothed into a state of ignorant bliss
By the non-stop drone of corporate lull-a-bys
We eat, we drink, we hear, we see
Under the pretense of being free
We're held for ransom
This system won't just fade away
It won't just relinquish control one day
Unless we fight for change


from And In Vengeance We Strike, released January 24, 2011



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