Hiding Behind The Flag

from by Lead The Way



Safe in your own little world
Insular, you hear nothing from the outside
I would yell at the top of my voice until i'm blue in the face
But I know you'll never listen to me
I'm just a fucking pleb with nothing sensible to say 
So lets sit back, relax, and watch another fat cat die of obesity
They don't give a fuck what you think of them
They never will
As long as their pockets are lined
Before the making of the man
Was a clear-cut, simple plan
To protect the people, do what's right by them
But now the plan's been tried
The ideal has quietly died
And been passed to power-hungry, hateful men
What's the point in protest if millions can take to the streets to be ignored?
Why do we bother to resist?
To highlight how big a joke this democracy is?
Hiding behind their flags they conceal their yellow skin
And the bullying won't stop until the world turns good ole red, white and blue.


from And In Vengeance We Strike, released January 24, 2011



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