Same As The Old Boss

from by Lead The Way



Here we go again
I'm sure they're crying in their brandy glasses
About the state of democracy
I'm pissing in the wind
I think i'm living in a fascist state
Where the corrupt and the racist is king
It's a two party system
Where the only words of wisdom are;
'Go on son - throw away your vote'
Can't vote for who I want
It only aids the worst of two evils
They've got us by the throat
Meet the new boss - same as the old boss
He's gonna turn this country around
He's gonna make your life so easy
Gonna make you feel so safe
But when he gets his foot in the door;
He's gonna make you wish you'd never been born
I still have faith
That the people of this country still have
An ounce of reason and fight left in them
To stem the flow of paranoia and hate
That they can unify to save true democracy


from And In Vengeance We Strike, released January 24, 2011



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